South East Asia is considered one of most bio-diversified regions of the world, where the variety of marine life found here is more than anywhere else on earth. Several countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines forms the Coral Triangle, which is known as the epi-center for marine bio-diversity.

Quick Facts

If you are keen adventurer of wrecks, explore the underwater of Brunei where you find no less than 20 shipwrecks. Some of these wrecks are World War 2 wrecks which forms the rich marine life including wonderful corals and schools of fishes. Explore the epi-center of Coral Triangle at Wakatobi, Indonesia – the world’s richest dive location in terms of variety. In comparison, Wakatobi has 750 coral reef species out of total worldwide 850 species, with up to 1,000 species of coral reef fish species.


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Our instructors are familiar diving around South East Asia region, and can assist you to plan your perfect dive trip with your friends and families. We will generally recommend suitable dive sites which are acceptable for your level of diving and experience. In addition, we cater dive trips by arranging travel logistics, resorts rooms, diving and special requirements based on case to case basis. You can also join in our in-house dive trips which are arranged within South East Asia. These trips are operated on a monthly basis and coordinated by our dive staff. You can see our annual dive trips for 2019 here or email us at